I am Veera Hellman and I’m running for the city council of Helsinki for the National Coalition Party. In my daily life, I work with labor market policy and study economics at Hanken. Therefore politics is a major part of my daily life.

I am going to the municipal elections with the idea that I want to create opportunities for Helsinki residents to live their life as they want. I believe in freedom and responsibility and the individual, and that each of us knows what is best for us.

The state and the city of Helsinki must be for the people, not the other way around. The world is changing and we are with it. Therefore, policy-making must be long-term and extend beyond election periods.

A responsible, sustainable and forward-looking policy needs its creators. I am available to promote these values in the city council of Helsinki.



More low-threshold mental health services: we can not afford to lose anyone in Helsinki to mental health issues.

Help must be available when it is needed and the services must be accessible without useless paper war.


More carnivals: The city space belongs to the townspeople. The city must make it possible for what the citizens can do, be it carnivals or business, for example.


More outdoor sports venues: Local sports venues are a great way to increase the mobility of Helsinki residents on a low threshold.

Mobility is good for everyone, regardless of age.

Decision-making must take into account the fact that we have to leave the earth in better condition for future generations than where we got it ourselves. In economics, it must be kept in mind that the taxes are common funds. They must be used responsibly. I say a resounding no to raising the municipal tax.

By ensuring that decision-making curbs climate change and takes care of the economy, we can enable the things that the city council decides. With those decisions, we enable the people of Helsinki to have the best possible everyday life.

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